Petit Canapé Range

Petit lamingtons

Red velvet Rich red velvet sponge, sandwiches with lemon cheesecake frosting, dipped in a lemon cream and rolled in raspberry coconut.

Pina colada lamington / Vanilla sponge sandwiched with a pineapple jam, dipped in a Pina colada syrup and rolled in coconut.

Passionfruit and white chocolate / Vanilla sponge sandwiched with a passionfruit curd, dipped in a passionfruit and white chocolate syrup and rolled in coconut.

Petit Cups

(layered dessert, served in a disposable vessel).

Coconut and lychee / layers of coconut cream, lychee and elderflower jelly, lychee pieces (GF, NF)*

Chocolate and salted caramel / layers of chocolate cremeux, salted caramel, milk chocolate mousse, crispy milk chocolate pearls. (NF)*

Vanilla passionfruitlayers of passionfruit curd, vanilla bavious cream, mini meringue.

Petit tarts

Passionfruit meringue pie / passionfruit curd tartlet, vanilla bean meringue.

Snickers chocolate tart Rich chocolate ganache tart, peanut butter salted caramel.

Raspberry wizz fizz tart zesty raspberry curd tartlet, freeze dried raspberry.

Mini Donuts

Strawberry cheesecake / mini donut filled with a strawberry cheesecake cream.

Salted caramel custard / mini donut filled with velvety smooth salted caramel custard.

Vanilla bean custard / mini donut filled with velvety smooth vanilla bean custard.

Petit Gluten free cake

Orange and almond / moist whole orange and almond cake finished with a vanilla cream.

Nutella fudge Nutella and roasted hazelnut sponge finished with a salted caramel chocolate ganache.

Raspberry financier / soft burnt butter and almond sponge, baked with raspberries and raspberry gel.

*GF (Gluten Free)

*NF (Nut Free)




Order confirmation

 Please note: that all orders are not confirmed until we have made contact to approve the date needed and require 3 days’ notice for production of our celebration cake and petit canapé range. Orders can only be collected from Tuesday – Saturday from 9am- 2:30pm. Cash, direct deposit or credit card over the phone payments can be made prior to pick up only after order confirmation by us. We will be in contact ASAP via email with more details about your order, pick up and payment. All orders are pick up only from our kitchen- 101 Beach Street, Port Melbourne.